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Codeo is a Finnish software consulting company specialised in software development services and we offer experienced professional developers to our client’s teams. We are also pioneers in transparency and fairness. Currently, we are 30 employees around Finland, mainly in the Helsinki and Tampere metropolitan areas. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Our mission

Our mission is to create a better digital world and help businesses to succeed in the future, where there are plenty of changes and opportunities.

At Codeo we are experts who understand the whole process of software development. In addition to coding, we also work with architectural design, integrations and maintenance planning.

We aim is to offer sustainable working life and interesting projects for our employees. High-quality coding and fair atmosphere – nothing more and nothing less.

Our values

Sustainable working life
Have you ever thought about how important the work environment is? At Codeo we have implemented a business model where everything is fair and transparent.

We create new business culture
We can honestly say that we are an ethical firm and pioneers in breaking taboos in the business world. Collaboration and transparency are our most important values, and they are put into practice every day.
Our employees can just focus on what they do best: coding. We do not have any unnecessary bureaucracy and the work is done during working hours.

Equality and transparency
Codeo is fair in every sense. Everybody gets to be a shareholder and part of the board if they wish, and be part of the company’s decisions. All things are said the way they are.
Over 80% of Codeo’s turnover and over half of the company’s earnings were shared also last year among the programmers.
Our salary model is an example of pay transparency and pay equality.

The salary is an essential matter in employment; therefore, we are clear about it from the beginning and we have it visible to everyone. We offer good, fair and transparent salaries, and that is one of our company’s strategic choices.

  • The salary of our developers is top 10% in the industry in Finland
  • In 2021, 80% of our turnover was spent on salaries
  • A software developer earns an average of 67% of the customer invoicing
  • The median wage in the year 2021 was 6 487 €/month

Good compensation for a well-done job
At Codeo we want our employees to get as much compensation as possible for the work done. It is important to us that the job done has a clear link to a reward and that the whole workforce gets to be involved in the company’s profit distribution.

Let’s work together

Are you looking for a competent, transparent, and flexible IT company?
With us, you get what you sign up for.

We are a reliable associate to our customers, to whom our experts work in demanding software development projects.

From Codeo you get experienced software development consultants who are used to taking responsibility and working in challenging projects. In addition to strong programming skills, our experts also have vast experience with different processes and points of view. Our consultants are great team players, and they will be happy to share their expertise with the whole team.

At Codeo we offer high-quality code to our clients. We develop our customers’ business-critical software, usually in the role of software developer or architect. Our customers value our know-how, experience and way of working.

It is exciting for us to solve all kinds of software development challenges so that our customers get secure, long-lasting and high-quality solutions that help them succeed.

Purchasing our services is straightforward and risk-free. We respond to all contact requests no later than the next business day. In all of our work, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the work there is no need to pay anything. All intellectual property rights always belong to you.

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