Salary model Our salary model is 100% transparent and fair

Salary is important and that is why we pay it to whom it belongs, that is, the coders. They are the reason Codeo exists.

Good compensation for a well-done job

At Codeo, we want our employees to receive the best possible compensation for the job done. It is important to us that the work done has a clear connection to the reward and that the whole personnel gets to be a part of the company’s profit distribution. Because of this, our software developers receive both a share of the monthly customer invoicing and a share of the company’s annual profit.

The salary model of our software developers is the same for everybody and it consists of two parts:

  • Commission share from the previous month (50% of the billing)
  • Bonus share from the previous fiscal year (all profits over 10% of the net income are distributed as bonuses).

The stability of the salary model must be reliable and that is why we have “set the model in stone”, that is, in the shareholders’ agreement. The model cannot be changed unless there is a joint decision from all the shareholders. This way, for example, the basis for calculating the annual bonus remains the same from year to year and it is paid automatically.

If there is a gap between projects, we will pay 3000 € a month as compensation.

Come work with us

Projects come and go. When would you like to join us – that is the essential question. If your core competence is for example Java or .NET, and you spice it up with modern Javascript technologies, then the starting points are there.

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