Contracts It is easy to stick to the contracts since they are fair and transparent

There is no mystery in our contracts


There is no small print in our contracts, so we are happy to show them to everyone. Transparent contracts increase equality.

Contract of employment

The contract of employment is one of the most essential documents in working life, and that’s why we want to inform new employees about it well in advance. So, if you are considering joining our team, get familiar with our contract of employment and let’s meet!

Codeolaisia toimistolla katselemassa ikkunasta

Shareholder agreement

In the shareholders’ agreement, we, as Codeo’s owners, have agreed on what we want our company to be like and how it will be managed. We made the contract like that, so that future employees would also find as an interesting opportunity to join as shareholders. Especially, our agreement emphasizes Codeo’s transparency and the possibility to influence in the decision making of the company, because they create the basis for fair operations. There is a lot to do in the agreement, and therefore the attached video explains general issues related to shareholder agreements and presents the essential points of our agreement.

Usually, shareholder agreements are secret. We want to the transparent also in that matter and our contract is public. Welcome to get familiar with it! If you would like to talk more about it, let’s meet!

CEO’s contract of employment

Evaluating the CEO’s work is impossible if you don’t know what drives the CEO forward. We want to be transparent in this matter also so that you can form the most comprehensive picture of Codeo.

Are you still wondering about something? We will gladly answer to your questions!

Come work with us

Projects come and go. When would you like to join us – that is the essential question. If your core competence is for example Java or .NET, and you spice it up with modern Javascript technologies, then the starting points are there.

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