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High-quality coding and fair atmosphere – nothing more and nothing less.

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At Codeo we offer high-quality code for our clients. We often develop our clients’ business-critical software in the role of a coding architect or senior developer. Our clients value the developers’ extensive expertise and experience.

At Codeo we do well because our company is fair in every way. Everybody gets to be a shareholder and part of the board if they wish, and be part of the company’s decisions. All things are said the way they are.
Over 80% of Codeo’s turnover and over half of the company’s earnings were shared also last year among the programmers. Our earnings are among the top ten in the industry.

We create a new business culture

We can honestly say that we are an ethical firm and pioneers in breaking taboos in the business world. Collaboration and transparency are our most important values, and they are put into practice every day.


At Codeo you know that you can affect things if necessary and there are no dark corners or hush-hush things in the company. If you want, you can be involved as a partner or on the board, but you don’t need to have entrepreneurial responsibility for everything. You can focus on what you do best – coding. We keep bureaucracy to the minimum and we do the work during working hours. You get to decide what kind of projects you manage and what technologies you want to focus on.

For us, participation also means that the entire personnel get to take part in the company’s profit distribution. We think it is fair that when the company is doing well, it also shows in your bank account. 80% of our turnover was shared among the developers in 2021.
The gross salary of a software developer was an average of 67% of the customer invoicing.

“I have liked to work at Codeo because we have very flexible processes”