Objective #1: responsibility and sustainable working life

Codeo has operated responsibly, fairly and transparently since the beginning. The year 2022 has been a year of responsibility for us and we intend to take the themes even further, all the way to the end.

We want to promote a working life where people are treated equally and fairly, where they can cope and feel well. Everyone benefits from this: customers, close friends, the IT industry and even the tax authorities.

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The work of an specialist is nowadays challenged by fast changes in the working life, work fragmentation and the requirement for the continuous development of competence. People are also often constantly reachable. If it is not during the working times, then anyway the phone may beep to something related to the kids’ hobbies. The coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand, has forced us to work remotely, where sense of community in the workplace has been compromised. The deterioration of sense of community can contribute to increasing inequality.

These challenges are difficult for the employee, and they are also difficult in terms of work productivity.

At Codeo we take all these challenges seriously. We are in the journey of creating operating models without prejudice. This is the direction we think working life should develop in the future.
We started this work during the years 2015-2017, when we organized our company’s operations to be fair and transparent right down to its foundations. Nowadays every employee has the right to be a shareholder and be part of the board, and most of the company’s profit is distributed among its employees. We have guaranteed our software developers peace of mind to focus on their work, and we strive to find solutions suitable for their varying life situations.